The Long Wall awaits


Currently undergoing refurbishment at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop is the Long Wall.  With a view to providing a pristine wall for displaying artworks Jim Williams has been working tirelessly to finish this project.  The panels which will be fixed along the walls have a magnetic surface which will allow for exhibitions of unframed works as well as providing tutors and artists alike an easy and effective way of displaying and reviewing their prints.  Thankyou also to Daniel for turning up to assist Jim with unloading and delivering materials for this extensive renovation.  We all look for to putting it into use.

Thankyou from members of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop


Mokuhanga (Japanese woodcuts) in Ocean Grove

Robyn Culley and Jenny Kelly, members of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop, recently ventured to Ocean Grove, south of Melbourne, to take part in a Mokuhanga workshop run by Terry McKenna. Terry has studied in Japan and has a deep connection with the medium, and a generosity in sharing his knowledge. Terry was both disciplined and thorough and is available to teach in other locations if there is enough interest. Terry comes highly recommended by both Jenny & Robyn.

Find more information about the Mokuhanga School at

Robyn Culley

Manly Library Artists’ Book Awards 2017

The Manly Library holds an Artists’ Book Award on a biennial basis and provides artists working in the niche area of artist books the opportunity to be selected, and in some cases have their artwork acquired by the Library to be part of their collection.  This year the exhibition was held over the weekend of 1-2 April at the Creative Space in North Curl Curl, Sydney.  Two members of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop were selected for this fascinating exhibition (Trudy Goodwin and Gina McDonald) along with one of our recent tutors Guy Begbie.  The works contained within this show tackled a wide diversity of themes and topics combining the tactile with visual poetics.


Roaming Art Tour at Newcastle Printmakers for printing, wine and newcomers

On Sunday 25th March the Newcastle Printmakers held another Roaming Art Tour hosted by Ahn Wells of Gallery 139.  A small group of enthusiasts were treated to a talk on printmaking by Jim Woodbury, a demonstration of inking and printing a zinc etching by Amanda Donohue and an opportunity to create small artworks led by Vale Vincent and assisted by Gina McDonald.   We hope this will be an ongoing venture and lead to spreading the word about the joys of printmaking.

Congratulations to Patricia Wilson-Adams winner of prestigious 2017 Burnie Print Prize

Newcastle Printmakers Workshop congratulates Patricia Wilson-Adams for her win at the 2017 Burnie Print Prize with her work titled “Positions 1 to 3” (see below).    Created using letterpress, wax and Chinese paper the work was described by one of the judges Akky van Ogtropp as one that “engages most directly with the viewer, posing questions, setting up moments of involvement. It is a work that promises to maintain its ability to captivate and will be an asset to the collection.”1


Positions 1-3 Patricia Wislon-Adams


Renovation of Exhibition Wall at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop


Jim Williams at Newcastle Printmakers Workshop with the refurbished wall he completed in early Feb 2017

Over the past two years and since the completion of major renovations of the workshop we have discussed how to further improve the presentation of the walls for exhibitions and open days.  With the assistance of one of our members, Jim Williams, the northern wall has been refurbished with white magnetic sheeting and an open shelving system.  We are now able to pin up unframed works with magnets or hang framed prints using a hanging system installed above.  Thank you to Jim for his design concept, carpentry skills and perseverance and for working in what has been regarded as one of our fiercest summers.

UK artists Tracy Hill, Jason Hicklin, Greg Fuller @ NPW

On Saturday 3 December 2016 three UK artists, Tracy Hill, Jason Hicklin and Greg Fuller demonstrated a number of their printmaking techniques to a crowd of 20 at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop.  Hailing from the midlands of England they spoke of their art practice and their love of walking and working en plen air; connecting to the natural environment and creating artworks in celebration of these outdoor experiences.

Jason began the session and spoke at length about his apprenticeship with the world renowned etcher Norman Ackroyd followed by his own personal journey which has led him to his present occupation as an artist and printmaker.  This was followed by developing a sugar lift aquatint using zinc and mordant.  As an etcher Jason is meticulous in his process and reminded us that as etchers “we stand on the shoulders of giants like Rembrandt and Goya”.  It was a very inspiring session especially for those etchers amongst us.

Greg followed with his recount about learning the art of screen printing as a trade which later led him to morph into the world of art.  He shared his secrets on how to print a screen without wasting ink and time and showed us a number of the tricks of the trade.  His images were derived from delicate drawings that were exposed onto screens and finally printed onto Tracy’s plaster blocks and paper.  The combination was exciting to say the least.

Tracy’s practice pushes the boundaries of printmaking as she explained that she prefers to get her works “off the wall” and into three dimensional space.  As a keen walker like Jason and Greg she ventures into the landscape to find inspiration as well as being aware of the importance of protecting natural habitats and promoting conservation principles.  Tracy created a plaster cast from an open-bite steel substrate which had been etched in copper sulphate for a number of days.  This was inked in the same way Jason inked his plate, using scrim/tarlatan and very loose ink.

All three artists were extremely generous with their information and we sincerely thank them for the time they gave us.  We also wish them the best in exploring the Hunter area, especially our Ramsar wetlands, and hope they find lots of inspiration to create new works from.

Newcastle Printmakers Workshop