Overwintering Project Exhibition at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop with Kate Gorringe-Smith


On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop held their Overwintering exhibition as part of a larger project overseen and instigated by Kate Gorringe-Smith, artist and environmental activist based in Melbourne.  We were fortunate enough to have Kate open the exhibition on Saturday and deliver a heartfelt speech about the plight of migratory shorebirds along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.  These little known birds travel between Australia, Asia and as far as Siberia and Alaska to breed and return on their annual flight making journeys we can only dream of.  The lives of these birds is truly fascinating as their trip involves doubling their body weight before setting out and flying for thousands of kilometres to reach their destined breeding grounds.

The Overwintering Project encourages artists to engage with the birds in their area, to visit their habitat and contribute artworks which will be exhibited in galleries with the view to engaging people with the importance of preserving and protecting critical habitat as unfortunately a number of these shorebirds are on the endangered list.  Over 20 artists from the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop were involved in this very worthwhile initiative and contributed a range of prints to showcase the birds in the Hunter Region, some of which can be seen in the warmer months in various wetlands and estuaries.

Furthermore thank you to Tom Clarke and Julianna Ford from the Hunter Bird Observers Club who attended the event which was fantastic as they had guided us on a number of visits to the Stockton Sandspit at the beginning of our overwintering journey.

For more information go to:  https://www.theoverwinteringproject.com/







Newcastle Printmakers at the inaugural Art Fair at the Newcastle Regional Gallery – it was buzzing


Thanks go to Ahn Wells who oversees Newcastle Independent Galleries and her organisation of an Art Fair which held at the Newcastle Regional Gallery on Friday 27 April from 5 to 8pm.  The Newcastle Printmakers set up a display and mini-exhibition at the front of the gallery and spent an enjoyable evening talking to potential printmakers and art enthusiasts.  More thanks go to Vale Vincent, Michelle Strazzari, Suzi Zglinicki, Lisa Kirkpatrick, Helene Leane, Paul O’Brien, Jane Collins, Jeanne Harrison and Robyn Culley for all their help, organisation and passion for everything print.


Solar prints with Seraphina Martin

On the 17th and 18th April Seraphina Martin taught an intensive 2 day workshop at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop on the diversity of solar plate.  Seraphina generously  shared her expertise in how to print using colour rolls and helped to unravel the mystery of viscosity printing.  All of the participants left with an edition of beautiful prints.



Overwintering Birds Gather

As we move towards our Overwintering Exhibition to be held at our workshop gallery in June prints have begun to arrive.  As printmakers we have the joy of being able to create an edition of artworks which will find their way into a travelling exhibition organised by Kate Gorringe-Smith who instigated this very important project.  Namely to raise awareness of the plight of shorebirds that travel to Australia each year to escape harsh winters from far off places such as Siberia, the Overwintering Project tells a story of how these birds are finding their habitats under increasing threat from manmade development.  A group of around 25 artists from the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop are focusing on birds which travel to the Stockton Spit and Hunter Wetlands Region to feed to gain weight to travel back thousands of miles to breed.

Our exhibition will be held at 27 Popran Road, Adamstown on Sat-Sun 23 to 24 June from 10am to 4pm.  The official opening is on Saturday from 4 to 6pm.



Overwintering Project for artists of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop


Kate Gorringe-Smith, 2017, Notions of Home: Westernport (i), linocut with chine colle


A group of a printmakers from the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop are currently  engaged in a project initiated by artist, Kate Gorringe-Smith, who is based in Victoria.  Kate is a passionate supporter for the protection of overwintering sites which give respite and provide feeding grounds to a number of migratory shorebirds who travel along the East Asian–Australasian Flyway.  It stretches eastwards from Russia to Alaska and the southern end encompasses Australia and New Zealand. Between these points  the Flyway covers much of eastern Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, and South-East Asia. In total, the flyway passes through 22 countries with approximately 55 migratory species travelling along it, equating to about 5 million birds.

In response to this project artists have begun creating works to be part of a travelling exhibition in Australia.  Works will be shown at the Moonah Arts Centre, Tasmania, Wyndham Art Gallery,  Victoria and the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW.  The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop will also hold an exhibition at our gallery workshop in celebration of this inspiring project.

Follow Kate’s Overwintering page https://www.facebook.com/theoverwinteringproject/

Stockton Sandspit, birdwatching

A group of printmakers watching migratory shorebirds arrive at Stockton Sandspit, Sandgate, NSW with Tom Clarke from the Hunter Bird Observers Club.


The Long Wall awaits


Currently undergoing refurbishment at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop is the Long Wall.  With a view to providing a pristine wall for displaying artworks Jim Williams has been working tirelessly to finish this project.  The panels which will be fixed along the walls have a magnetic surface which will allow for exhibitions of unframed works as well as providing tutors and artists alike an easy and effective way of displaying and reviewing their prints.  Thankyou also to Daniel for turning up to assist Jim with unloading and delivering materials for this extensive renovation.  We all look for to putting it into use.

Thankyou from members of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop


Mokuhanga (Japanese woodcuts) in Ocean Grove

Robyn Culley and Jenny Kelly, members of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop, recently ventured to Ocean Grove, south of Melbourne, to take part in a Mokuhanga workshop run by Terry McKenna. Terry has studied in Japan and has a deep connection with the medium, and a generosity in sharing his knowledge. Terry was both disciplined and thorough and is available to teach in other locations if there is enough interest. Terry comes highly recommended by both Jenny & Robyn.

Find more information about the Mokuhanga School at


Robyn Culley

Manly Library Artists’ Book Awards 2017

The Manly Library holds an Artists’ Book Award on a biennial basis and provides artists working in the niche area of artist books the opportunity to be selected, and in some cases have their artwork acquired by the Library to be part of their collection.  This year the exhibition was held over the weekend of 1-2 April at the Creative Space in North Curl Curl, Sydney.  Two members of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop were selected for this fascinating exhibition (Trudy Goodwin and Gina McDonald) along with one of our recent tutors Guy Begbie.  The works contained within this show tackled a wide diversity of themes and topics combining the tactile with visual poetics.


Roaming Art Tour at Newcastle Printmakers for printing, wine and newcomers

On Sunday 25th March the Newcastle Printmakers held another Roaming Art Tour hosted by Ahn Wells of Gallery 139.  A small group of enthusiasts were treated to a talk on printmaking by Jim Woodbury, a demonstration of inking and printing a zinc etching by Amanda Donohue and an opportunity to create small artworks led by Vale Vincent and assisted by Gina McDonald.   We hope this will be an ongoing venture and lead to spreading the word about the joys of printmaking.