Welcome to the Newcastle Printmakers (NPW) Blog


Welcome to the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop new blog. We will be regularly posting information on printmaking workshops, exhibitions, opportunities and updates relating to NPW and its members. This blog will assist us with marketing the workshop events, keep you up to date on all things printmaking and inform you about the articles and reviews on printmaking classes Australia wide.

We will try to post regularly relevant information that is focused on printmaking, printmakers and print materials for your pleasure! We have an exciting future of workshops coming up at the NPW workshop itself that relate to you art practice.

You can also send us comments and messages directly through the blog comments box below. We will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please “like us” and follow the blog- then emails will be sent to you whenever there is a  new post. Additionally you can view further info on our website: http://www.newcastleprintmakersworkshop.org

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Stay tuned!