Currently on view at the Waratah Campus, Tinonee Road Entrance, Waratah is a fundraiser exhibition of works titled “Of the Earth” by members of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop. Part of the proceeds from the sale of work will go to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. Thank you to all the printmakers involved and the staff from the Campus who helped with the opening and production of the catalogue, especially Nerrida Barton, Elle Hanson and Louise Turmine.
The exhibition will continue until the end of September and the general public can access the building by ringing the extension 3397 on arrival.


East End before and After 1985- Film by Jane Adam

East End – Before and After-A Community Printmaking Project. (1985) Curated by Therese Kenyon

This film is still relevant today- particularly with all the flux that is taking place within Newcastle Council, the city centre and its development choices. All of Newcastle should view this!
Filmed and Edited by Jane Adam. Narrated and Directed by Therese Kenyon. Newcastle is Australia’s second oldest city, 160kms north of Sydney. This documentary examines the social history of its historic East End.
For more info: http://coalriver.wordpress.com/

Many thanks to Gionni De Gravio  from The University of Newcastle Archive



Newcastle Printmakers Workshop: a beginning @ The Lovett Gallery in December 2014- January 2015

NPW Archive project are very pleased to announce our 35th Anniversary exhibition at The Lovett Gallery in Newcastle. This timely exhibition will highlight the significance of the collection of prints held at the Popran Rd workshop and its artists within the local community and Australian Art History.

Gift B89 lino with bleed colour

Gift, by Dallas Bray, 1989, Lino block print on paper.

This exhibition will be held in December and will be formally curated by Linda Swinfield and Lisa Kirkpatrick on behalf of The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop (NPW)

There will be also a team of curatorial, historical and collection management advisors including Helene Leane, Jeanie Harrison, Majan Van Oostrum, , Adele Prout, Robyn Culley, Patricia Wilson Adams and Pauline Tickner.

On the eve of the Newcastle Printmakers Anniversary were are looking back at the first 20 years of work produced at the workshop. Most principally this exhibition will be based on the central group of work that is currently stored at the Popran Rd address that dates back to 1978. This exhibition will contain original prints, documents, photographs and film footage of the workshops history.


Detail- Screen print by Debbie Abrahams

Detail- Screen print by Debbie Abraham From The East End before and after exhibition that was held at the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery


A selection of handmade prints, artists books, historic documents, photographs and documentary footage from the Newcastle printmaker’s workshop archive has instigated this project.

The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop (NPW) celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2014, and this exhibition will highlight their significant history within the region and for Australian printmaking. A selection of prints and related materials will be chosen from the NPW archive alongside information on printmaking techniques and method, the history of the workshop, exhibitions and projects, artists and members past and present.

The NPW archive collection of works was built up thanks to the policy put in place by the founding members of the NPW requiring each member to donate a print to the workshop.In addition to this several projects have been archived including The East End Before and After(1985), The Store: a co-operative phenomena (1988) in their early years. More information will follow.


The Kiss- Vera Zulumovski 1989, Lino print on paper

Photo Lithography weekend: in pictures

andrew finnie with test strips

Andrew Finnie developing his image of Christ with test strip process in the background

Andrew Finnies christ

Finnie’s proof print

I was a little caught up with teaching over the weekend but you can see here in this short visual essay that we achieved enormous amount despite a few initial technical hiccups! It was a fun, experimental, enlightening and productive weekend.

We were lucky enough to have a super keen group of passionate and already talented artists join up to learn new techniques. We were joined by artists from many tangents of practice including photographers, painters, mixed media artists as well as printmakers.

I hope that this fast, less physical method and less toxic method of making Lithographic prints will assist in inspiring printmakers to return to this media and open the doors for the next generation of artists to see its potential.

Many thanks to NPW for assisting me to get this initiative started and some kind assistance from Paul and Mark at Reprographics in Morisett NSW for a few cheapies and freebies!

catherines photogram

Catherine Kingsmills Photogram printed in Senefelder grey

Happy natalie

A very happy student on the final day!!! Natalie our photographer unofficial lab assistant

helene detalHelene leane plate

 Two images by Helene Leane- a drawn image and her experimental photo gram

helene with her mums plate

Helene developing Jeannie Harrisons water lilies plate

Jeanine Harrison final

Jeanne Harrisons Water lilies test print

magic momentnatalies photogram

Emilie Tseronis printing Ruth Chapman’s and her own photogram experiments

PPL group laugh

Two days of laughter with Andrew Finnie, Helene Leane, Jeanne Harrison and Emilie Tseronis preparing their photogram plates

Ruths birdy

Ruth Chapman’s beautiful crow- proof print


ruth and emilie learning to set press

Emilie and Ruth setting the press

ruths photo gram- green

Ruth Chapman’s Photo gram

Andrew finnie 2

Andrew Finnie’s final proof print of image 2

Fayes printFaye collier prep 1

Faye Colliers Final print and some of her process

BIG PRINT WEEKENDS : Roll your own workshops@ NPW

Hi everyone printmakers and print artist wannabes!!!!

In the lead up to our ” Roll your own” Steamrolling print event in October over the TINA weekend… we are really excited to invite you all to participate in one of our scheduled weekend workshops. They are a bargain as priced at $100.00 per workshop day with participation in the Roll your own event!!
They are scheduled over two weekends of 6- 7th and 12th and 13th of September at NPW Adamstown workshop.

trish steam roller 2 copy

One of the many images printed by Patricia Wilson – Adams during the original steamrolling event in September 1980. Titled- Broken Water Zig Zag: 50 x 100 cms in scale and printed on BFK rives.

These workshop days will include some materials, ink, and a rollup at the steamroller event. At the workshop you will be creating a block to take to the steam roller event. We will provide you with a block and tools, some ink and some paper. This price will include a short session to print on the day of the event. You can register as a workshop participant through NPW or through our fundraising website.








Mirrored in the Earth: Helene Leane @ Gosford Regional Art Gallery


Helene Leane’s landscapes are “mirror” images that reflect her memory of a place. The dense layering of colour and texture conveys the ambiguous quality of visual impressions of memory.

Leane uses a monotype technique where layers of gouache are applied, often using paper stencils, to a gelatin plate. The layers are quickly built up and then printed onto paper as a one off impression. the skillful selection of colours and textures combined with the spontaneity and speed required by the process creates the vibrant energy of the works.


Foyer Gallery: 28 June to 30 July

Using a multi-layered monotype printmaking technique, Leane  creates landscapes drawn from the subconscious with a palette of rich purples and greens. The images also evoke recognisable places, providing the viewer with a sense of rediscovery, memory, reflection and contemplation.

ahns image helene

Image by Ahn Wells taken at the opening event

Gosford Regional Gallery is open daily from 10am until 4pm.Admission into the Gallery and Gardens is free.

36 Webb St, Gosford NSW 2250
(02) 4325 0056

helene gosford gallery (640x362)