Old Fire Shed Gallery in Wollombi

autumn blaze

Autumn Blaze, on the road to Wollombi, courtesy of Gina McDonald


Old Fire Shed Gallery, Wollombi

On Monday 15th June Vale and I travelled to visit the Old Fire Shed Gallery in Wollombi where “Picked and Pressed” will be held early in 2016.  We wish to thank Mary Francis and Bronnie Aliotti of the Wollombi Arts Council for showing us around the spacious gallery which we believe will be a great spot to show our exhibition.  Further details to participants will follow.

Gina McDonald


Final visit by artists to von Bertouch Galleries, Cooks Hill


von Bertouch Galleries as it was, Newcastle Herald, 29 September 2012

On Saturday 13 June another group of printmakers and ceramicists visited the old von Bertouch Galleries (1969-2003) in Laman Street, Cooks Hill, Newcastle to look for inspiration for their upcoming exhibition “The Last Farewell – von Bertouch Galleries Revisited.”  The exhibition will open at Back to Back Gallery, Cooks Hill on 11 September 2015.


Portrait of Anne von Bertouch, by Shirley Cameron-Roberts, 1994, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 122cm x 152cm

“People like coming to this gallery.  It is a favourite place.  It has become part of the community life of Newcastle.  Creative people get fresh impetus.  Children are at ease.  The elderly are back home.  Dropouts are at peace.  Travellers are surprised.  Artists continue to show throughout a lifetime.  A living spirit of past and future pervades it.” 

–  Anne von Bertouch, 1990.

The Last Farewell – von Bertouch Gallery Revisited

Members of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop revisit the old von Bertouch Gallery to draw inspiration for their prints.

Members of Newcastle Printmakers Workshop revisit the old von Bertouch Gallery to draw inspiration for their prints. image courtesy of Therese Wilkins.

Twenty five printmakers and five ceramic artists are currently working towards creating works for the upcoming miniprint exhibition to be held at Back to Back Galleries, Cooks Hill, from 11-27 September 2015.  The theme of the show is “The Last Farewell, von Bertouch Galleries Revisited”, in honour of Anne Von Bertouch O.A.M (1915-2003) and her gallery, believed to be the first commercial gallery outside a capital city in Australia. As part of the show the von Bertouch Gallery will be opened to artists on the 6th and 13th June, between 10 and 12 am by Jeannie Little who is currently residing there.

We look forward to you joining us at the opening of the show on Friday 11 September at 6pm which will be opened by Gael Davies, former curator and manager of von Bertouch Galleries.