Overwintering Project Exhibition at the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop with Kate Gorringe-Smith


On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop held their Overwintering exhibition as part of a larger project overseen and instigated by Kate Gorringe-Smith, artist and environmental activist based in Melbourne.  We were fortunate enough to have Kate open the exhibition on Saturday and deliver a heartfelt speech about the plight of migratory shorebirds along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.  These little known birds travel between Australia, Asia and as far as Siberia and Alaska to breed and return on their annual flight making journeys we can only dream of.  The lives of these birds is truly fascinating as their trip involves doubling their body weight before setting out and flying for thousands of kilometres to reach their destined breeding grounds.

The Overwintering Project encourages artists to engage with the birds in their area, to visit their habitat and contribute artworks which will be exhibited in galleries with the view to engaging people with the importance of preserving and protecting critical habitat as unfortunately a number of these shorebirds are on the endangered list.  Over 20 artists from the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop were involved in this very worthwhile initiative and contributed a range of prints to showcase the birds in the Hunter Region, some of which can be seen in the warmer months in various wetlands and estuaries.

Furthermore thank you to Tom Clarke and Julianna Ford from the Hunter Bird Observers Club who attended the event which was fantastic as they had guided us on a number of visits to the Stockton Sandspit at the beginning of our overwintering journey.

For more information go to:  https://www.theoverwinteringproject.com/