How to contribute

If you would like to contribute a post or assist with writing an article for our new blog this page is designed to assist you with the important points to consider when sending us information.

A checklist has been outlined below.

This blog has been set up to specifically promote printmaking locally and further afield, The Newcastle Printmakers Workshop and its community, its members and its history. If you have any questions you can email us.

Suggested posts may be

• Printmaking exhibitions visited locally, nationally or internationally
• Printmaking Workshop reviews
• A short article about printmaking materials.
• Printmaking tips.
• A residency or arts project report.
• Upcoming events.
• Information about printmaking grants, exchanges and prizes.
• Relevant links and websites.

Title of post
Please provide a suggested “title” for your post. Please try to not to long winded!


  • Please include 750 words of text maximum.
  • Make sure you cover all the relevant information for your post.
  • Spell check it.
  • You don’t need to write like a high brow critic for a blog…. most importantly please don’t!
  • Text could include artists statements (short) , information about the work/s or exhibitions curatorial vision.
  • If it was a workshop attended please give us all the relevant web and old fashioned addresses for the site that you attended.
  • You will see some posts on the blog that will include this information please note their content.
  • Also include any dates of your project/ exhibition/ workshop etc. for our readers.


  • Always include good quality images but please ensure that they are not HUGE… 1000 pixels in width or 300 dpi.
  • They also need to be in focus and not dark.
  • Please provide at least 3 good quality images.

Image information

Name of artist/ s: try not to abbreviate their names, use full first and second names.
Media: try to specify all content if the artist has used multiple media in their works. Also include the paper/ ground that it is printed on.
Size of works: in cm if possible please
Date made please
Photographer: if you haven’t photographed the work and they need to be acknowledged.

Header image from the NPW Archive by Sharon Tompkins Electrical department 1988, etching and aquatint.


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